Borsh with Turkey and Spices. Russian Cuisine.


In Russia as many recipes of borsh, as the people who make it. Everyone will tell you, their Borsh is the best. I make mine for over 30 years and last 10 years, i started adding spices, and i never looked back. I don’t know anyone who adds spices to this soup (apart from the people, i shared this recipe with). All Australians ,that tried my borsh, loved it, especially men. The meat in my Borsh is turkey, but you can use beef on a bone or chicken. Presence of a bone is critical for a flavor, and you take it away after it’s boiled, and gave all the juices to the soup. Polish version is blended, Russians don’t do that. Many people say, the taste becomes better on a second or third day. It is nice to go to the fridge and serve yourself a plate of a hearty, beautiful, healthy and tasty soup.


Turkey drumsticks- 2 pieces, 1.2 kg total.

Bay leaves-3 pcs


Whole black peppercorns- 1 teaspoon

Onion- 2 medium, chopped.

Beetroot – 2 medium, chopped in 0.5*0.5 mm.

Carrots- 2 medium, chopped in 0.5*0.5 mm.

Cabbage- 1 kg. finely cut in strips.

Potatoes- 3 medium, chopped in 1*1 cm.

Garlic- 2-3 cloves for serving

Coriander fresh- 1 bunch (half for cooking and half for serving)

Tomato paste- 2 table spoons

Canned tomatoes- 2 cans

Spices- coriander ground, cumin ground,black pepper- 1 teaspoon each.

Oil- 1/4 of a cup

Sour cream for serving- 500 gm.


Put turkey to boil in a large pot, in a cold water, with pinch of salt, 1 teaspoon of peppercorns and 3 bay leaves.

Now start on your vegetables. Cut 1 onion finely, peel and chop carrot and beetroots.

Heat an oil in a frying pan, add finely chopped onion, and cook for a five minuets, or so.

Add half of your grated carrots and half of your beetroots to a pan with onions.

Keep on stirring on a medium heat, now add chopped coriander stems and stir.

Add tomato paste and incorporate thoroughly to a mixture.

Add all your spices and more oil if necessary, stir for 2-3 minutes constantly.


Frying spices is a very important part, when you are using them.

Check if the turkey is boiled by making a cut and making sure, the juices run clear, if it’s ready, take it out to cool. Do not switch the heat off under the pot.

Remove bay leaves, and peppercorns ( i normally leave the peppercorns in).

Peel 3 large potatoes and cut them in small pieces, add them to a hot broth.

Canned tomatoes need to be blended to a smooth paste and added to a soup.

At this stage also add, the remaining carrots and beetroots and all the mixture with spices.

Let it cook for 20 minuets.

Now add the chopped cabbage, i like to use the top part, i find that is the best.


While it’s cooking, get back to a turkey, it should be cool by now, and you can easily remove all the meat from bones and cut it in bite sized pieces. Now add it to a soup. Let it heat through for 5 minuets, and your soup is ready.

I like to serve it with a dollop of a sour cream, fresh coriander and freshly minced garlic.

Ok, let me go and enjoy my plate of Borsh!







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