Cheese Croquettes with Garlic Sauce.

Pure cheesy indulgence and very easy to make. Good as a entrée or a snack or a meal.

For the croquettes:

Parmesan grated-100 g.

Mozzarella grated-350 g.

Flour-120 g.


Italian spice herb mix-1 teaspoon.

Oil for frying.


Mix all ingredients in a food processor or a bowl.

Form balls, size of a large walnut.

Let them set in a fridge for 30 minutes.

Shallow fry in a pan with oil. If you want achieve a round form, you will need to deep fry croquettes.

Take them out on a kitchen paper.

For the garlic sauce:

Fresh cream-2 cups.

Garlic- 5 cloves finely grated.

Pinch of salt.


In a small pot mix all the ingredients, heat to a boiling point , reduce the heat to a medium and let it simmer, uncovered until the mixture reduced to a third. Cover and set aside.

Serve croquettes while hot with a sauce.

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