Chicken Livers and Caramelised Apples Salad!

Totally designed this one, as I like idea of a warm salad with lots of vegetables.
The combination of all flavours is quite pleasing.

I like to serve this salad on individual plates, this recipe is for 3large plates, could have been probably enough for 4, but I haven’t eaten at 3 pm, and my boys are big.)))


Chicken livers-400 g

Onion-1 diced 

Green apples-3 peeled, core removed and cut in wedged.

Mushrooms-6 medium sliced

Lettuce- I head

Avocado-1 large

Tomatoes-2 large 

Cucumber-1 Lebanese 

Garlic-2 cloves  chopped 

Lemons-2 for juicing


Salt, pepper 


Heat an oil in a frying pan, add livers with paprika and little salt, and cook, whilst stirring occasionally for a 5 minutes or so. Add onion and keep cooking till browned in places. Set aside.

In a pan heat a little oil again add apples and cook till caramelised, should take around 15 minutes. When stirring be gentle as apples can break.

When apples are cooking start preparing your vegetables.

Put 3 large shallow plates on a kitchen counter and start layering your salads.

First put a bed of shredded lettuce on each plate, second put chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and avocado, making sure is equally divided. Put a bit of salt on top.

In a pan heat oil add mushrooms and stir till soften and browned.

Put a layer of mushrooms on each plate, followed by apples and livers. Squeeze lemon juice on top of each plate, add garlic and some olive oil. Server immediately.


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