Chicken Piccata Recipe

Its a beautiful and easy to make dish.


Chicken breasts- 2 pieces

Juice of 3 lemons

Lemon sliced 1

White wine – 1 glass

Capers in vinegar- 1/3 cup

Butter- 2 tablespoons

Olive oil


Salt, pepper


Cut each chicken breast in half, diagonally. Season with salt and pepper. Coat in flour.

Heat butter with some oil in a pan and cook the chicken. till scorched in places. Set aside.

To the same pan, immediately add wine, lemon juice and capers, salt and pepper.

Let it simmer, till reduced in half, approximately 3 minutes.

Reduce the fire to a medium. Return chicken to the pan, , along with all the juices, add lemon slices and parsley. pour some sauce over, and cook for 7-10 minutes.


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