Chicken Tabaka. Pan Fried Whole Chicken. Georgian Cuisine.

I am making this dish, since my childhood, i remember, that i could finish medium sized chicken, all by myself. Definitely wouldn’t be able to do it now. Meat in this recipe, comes out very juicy and bursting with flavours. Great to be used as a main dish, add to salads or cut a snack. I am serving it with fresh salad and pumpkin rice.


Chicken whole- medium or small sized.

Garlic- 3-5 cloves, grated.

Salt- 1 teaspoon.

Black pepper- 1 teaspoon.



Cut the chicken along the middle of the breasts and push it open flat. Turn it , with the inside on the cutting board. With a help of the kitchen hammer, flatten the bird, but do not smash too hard, so you don’t bruise the meat too much.

Prepare a mixture of garlic, salt a pepper and rub the bird with it, all over. Keep marinating for an hour.


Heat an oil in a frying pan (big enough to fit the bird). Add the bird to the pan with cavity down. Cover it with a large dinner plate, and place a large pot filled with water on top. Like this.


After about 20-30 minuets on a medium heat, turn it around, and press it again.


After another 20 minuets, it should be ready.


3 thoughts on “Chicken Tabaka. Pan Fried Whole Chicken. Georgian Cuisine.

  1. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed my visit to Georgia. So I looked up the recipe in my Georgian cookbook. And there it was. Nice to have a personal review and not just a picture. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Georgian cuisine is certainly interesting, I love it. Planning to go there in December. Should be back, with more tested beautiful recipes.:)

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