Cold Soup with Chicken, Veges and Herbs. Okroshka. Russian Cuisine.

I just came from my trip to Russia, and in one of the restaurants i had this absolutely beautiful cold soup called Okroshka. My friend, who knows how to make it really well, kindly gave me the recipe.

I find this soup very healthy and refreshing, with a help of all the goodness from veges and probiotic powers of kefir. And it especially desirable on a hot day.

You can use different kind of meats for this soup- chicken (boiled or smoked), smoked duck, beef. I made mine with a boiled chicken  and it came out spectacular.

Try to cut all the ingredients similar to each other, generally aim for 1*1 cm pieces.

Keep all the dry ingredient in a air tight container and only mix it with liquid part, just before consumption.


Dry Part.

Chicken- whole, boiled with couple of bay leaves, few peppercorns and some salt. Cooled down, meat removed and finely chopped.

Eggs- 6-8 boiled, cooled, chopped.

Cucumbers- 3 Lebanese ,  chopped.

Radishes- 8 medium sized, chopped.

Potatoes- 3 medium sized, boiled , cooled and chopped.

Chives- 1 bunch chopped.

Parsley- 1 cup, chopped (set aside 1/3)

Dill- 1 cup , chopped (set aside 1/3)

Liquid Part.

Kefir- 1/2 cup per serving.

Sparkling mineral water- 1/2 cup per serving.


Garlic- 2 large cloves, chopped.

Reserved dill and parsley.

Salt- 2 teaspoons.

Black pepper- 1 teaspoon.

Mustard to taste.


Mix all dry ingredients together and set aside.


In a blender mix garlic, parsley, dill and salt with pepper, and process till smooth. Set aside.

Pour in a dip soup plate your dry ingredients.

Whisk kefir and water together. Add to your dry ingredients. Top up with a herb/salt mixture (add gradually as it quite salty), finally add mustard to taste and it’s ready.



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