Couscous with Pine nuts, Mozzarella and Vegetables. Israeli Cuisine.

Basic principle of a couscous is fry it first then add traditionally some nuts, veges, greens and cheese (usually feta, but i am adding tiny mozzarella balls).

This selections of ingredients is of my choice, you can substitute ingredients according to your liking.


Pearl couscous- 250 g.

Water boiled- 2 cups.

Onion brown- 1 chopped

Parsley- handful chopped.

Smoked paprika-1/2 teaspoon.

Cherry tomatoes- 1 pack halved.

Lebanese cucumber- 1/2 chopped.

Spinach- 100 g

Mozzarella – 100-150g.

Pine nuts- 100g.

Olive oil.

Salt, pepper.


Roast pine nuts till golden, set aside.

To the same pan add oil, onion and fry till golden add couscous and keep cooking till browned, add parsley and paprika, stir for a minuet. Add 2 cups of boiled water cover, reduce the heat and cook till water evaporated.


Meantime combine tomatoes, cucumber, spinach,,mozzarella and cooled pine nuts. Season with salt and pepper add some live oil.

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When the couscous is ready i like to add it straight to the veges/cheese/nuts mixture while it’s hot, and stir thoroughly. By doing this cheese will slightly melt and spinach will wilt, and the flavors are amazing.

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You can have it on it’s on, but i am serving it with Chicken with Apricots and Whole Baked Cauliflower all Israeli Dishes.

16 thoughts on “Couscous with Pine nuts, Mozzarella and Vegetables. Israeli Cuisine.

  1. This is rather like a cooked tabouli. It sounds lucious, so I am bookmarking it under “Next Dinner Party’. Thank you for combining all my favorites in one dish. ; )


  2. Looks amazing! I like the idea of adding cheese when the dish is still warm. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looking forward to more of your recipes, Jessy

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