Crepe sacks with Apples and Raisins.

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For this particular recipe, you need to make thin crepes. Thickness of crepes can always be adjusted by adding milk or adding flour. You need them thin, to make it easier to fold crepes in little sacks. It is a truly delicious and pretty dessert.



Eggs- 4 large

Milk- 500 ml

Sugar- 1 table spoon

Flour- 270 g

Baking powder- 1tea spoon

Pinch of salt

Oil- 2 table spoons

Apple and Raisins staffing:

Apples – red -4 small, and 2 large green

Raisins- 1/4 cup

Butter- 50 g

Sugar- Ā 5 table spoons

Icing sugar for dusting.

Cooking string. This thing:

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Some people suggest to tie it with a peel, unless you glue it or cement it, it’s, not going to hold crepe.

Prepare crepes. Check my post “Crepes with strawberries and Ice-Cream”. Pile them on on top each other on a plate and cover.

Peel all apples and cut in small cubes. Soak raisins in a warm water for 5 minuets and take them out on a paper towel.

Heat the butter on a skillet and add apples and sugar, stir frequently , it takes around 15-20 minuets. When apples are browned reduce fire to low and keep cooking. Then add raising and cook for further 5 minuets. Switch the fire off and let it cool in a skillet.

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Start assembling. Put 1-2 tablespoons of apple raisin mixture in a middle of crepe, tie Ā a not in a sack with an cooking string.

Just before serving put in a pre-heated oven for 15 minuets. Remove the string, make a cut with scissors, remove the rest. Put on plates and dust with an icing sugar.

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Dust it with an icing sugar.

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