Crepes Filled with Steak, Sour Cabbage and Parmesan.


Crepes, you can find the recipe here Crepes with Strawberry sauce and Ice-Cream.

Steak- 200 g, cut in small pieces.

Cilantro- 1/2 cup.

Onion- 1 medium, chopped.

Parmesan- 1/2 cup.

Sour cabbage- 1/2 cup.

Salt, pepper.



Heat an oven to 200C/390F. Line a baking tray with a foil paper.

Heat an oil in a frying pan, add chopped onion and cook till fragrant, add steak, season with salt and pepper, cook until meat turns white. Stir in cilantro , set aside.

Lay a crepe and put 1,5 tablespoons of meat mixture, followed by 1 tablespoon of parmesan and 1 tablespoon of sour cabbage. Roll in your favourite way.

Bake, filled crepes, for about 10 minuets.



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