Crepes with Strawberry sauce and Ice-Cream.

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I am an expert in making crepes and pancakes,the reason why i am mentioning that is “once upon a time”, i couldn’t make it. They did not come out right, but i didn’t give up. I kept on trying and playing with measurements and tools. What i ended up realizing, that non stick, not too heavy pan is a necessity. Another thing is always better to mix it in a blender, not by hand. And last rule, i use 4 eggs for my crepes. Apart from my kids absolutely loving them, the ingredients most likely available at all times, as the content is very simple. And you can make so much with them, a beautiful desert, stuff them with veges, cheeses or meat, or even make a cake. I will be posting some of my recipe ideas, please check with me later.


Eggs- 4 large

Milk- 600 ml

Flour plain- 350 g

Baking powder- 1 tea spoon

Pinch of salt

Sugar – 1 tablespoon

Oil- 1 table spoon

For the strawberry sauce:

Strawberries- 2 punnets

Sugar- 1/2 a cup

Water- 1 cup

Ice-Cream to serve- i prefer vanilla.

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In a blender mix all the ingredients, scrape the sides and blend again, till completely smooth.

As the mixture has oil, and you are using a non stick pan, oil during cooking is not necessary.

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Keep ready crepes warm under lid or another plate. I also add a little piece of butter, before folding them.

Strawberry sauce:

Finely chop the strawberries (washed and tops removed).

In a medium size pot put strawberries, sugar and water. When boiled, reduced the heat to law and keep on cooking for about 15-20 minuets, frequently stirring.

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Put hot strawberries in a blender, and blend to a smooth paste. ( or you can use a handheld directly). Return it back to a pot, and heat it again.

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I like to serve crepes with hot strawberry sauce and ice-cream.

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