Deep-Fried Chicken.

Every now and then, i have a craving for a deep -fried chicken, and i prefer making my own ,instead of buying it. It takes a very short time to cook, almost the same as driving, waiting and driving back.) I only use free range chicken and a fresh oil, both of these things, can hardly be guaranteed in a fast food outlets.

My kids, who love fast food say my chicken is much better than KFC, just taking their word for it.

I am sure everyone knows how to make it, but i will still share my recipe. It’s very simple and quick.

I am using a large pot for deep-frying, but if you a have a deep-frier, by all means use it. I burned two of them and decided not to purchase them anymore. I rarely deep-fry and another piece of equipment, to take care of, just not worth it.


Chicken- 1 , cut in pieces, skin on.

Bread crumbs- 1 cup.

Salt, pepper.

Oil- 1.5 litres.


First thing to do is put an oil to heat in a pot, whilst you are preparing the chicken.

Cut chicken in pieces, mine are quite large, you can cut smaller , if you like. I also keep the bone in, and that extends the cooking time, you can remove it.

Season each piece with salt and pepper. Pour bread crumbs in a dish and firmly dip each piece into the crumbs.

When the oil heats up ( to test that throw a piece of onion in it, if start to bubble it’s ready) add chicken pieces to it. You will need 2 or 3 loads, depending on a side of your pot.

When chicken is nice and brown, take it out on a paper towel. After that, let the oil heat for a 2-3 minuets again, as the chicken pieces left some juices in it, and the temperature went down.

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