Duck Pilau. Uzbek Cuisine.

This is one of these dishes, that as many recipes, as many people in Uzbekistan… I used to live and work there for over an year, and tried numerous number of different pilaus. Honestly, they taste very similar, but made slightly different. I have been making this dish for over 10 years now and i think, i got it right.)))

You can use chicken, beef or lamb instead of a duck, i just felt like making it with duck today. 🙂


Duck- 1 2kg duck, cut into pieces.

Onions- 6 cut in half rings.

Carrots- 6 or more, cut into sticks.

Garlic- 1 whole.

Raisins- 1/2 cup.

Cumin seeds- 1 tablespoon.

Paprika- 1 tablespoon.

Black pepper- 1 tablespoon.

Salt- 1 tablespoon.

Oil- 1 cup.

Rice- 500 g


Heat a wok then add oil and heat it to high. Add onions and cook stirring frequently till onions are golden all over.

Add duck pieces, and cook, stirring, till pieces are golden.

Add carrots, stir and cook, till carrots are bending but not breaking.


At this stage add boiling water, so it reaches 2cm above Meat/Carrot/Onion mixture.


Add your spices and salt, and cook for 45-60 minuets on a medium heat.

Now, add raisins, stir, then add rice, so it covers all the surface, stick a whole garlic bulb, so it;s immersed into rice,and do not stir at this stage. Cook for about 20 minuets. When all water evaporated, cover it and cook for another 10 minuets. Then switch off the heat, and leave it covered for another 15 minuets.


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