Egg Curry!

It’s a great after Holiday dish, when it’s too late for breakfast and brunch, but you don’t really feel like lunch. If you serve it with any type of flat bread, chapati, roti or else, it’s just marvellous combo. But I haven’t got any at the moment, so serving it with rice.

This dish is also quite on budget and very tasty and satisfying.


Eggs- large 6-8 boiled and peeled

Shallots or onions-2 medium roughly chopped

Ginger-2 inches roughly chopped

Garlic-3 large cloves roughly chopped

Paprika-1 teaspoon (I love smoked)

Turmeric-1 tablespoon

Tomatoes-2 med-large roughly chopped

Tomato paste-1 tablespoon

Chicken stock or water-240 ml

Coriander for garnish

Oil for frying


First boil eggs and let them cool down.

Chopped shallots, ginger and garlic put through a food processor. Set aside.

To the same processor add tomatoes and blend till paste.

In frying pan heat an oil add turmeric and mix well. Add all the eggs and fry them on all sides till scorched in places. Spoon some oil over to cover the ends of an egg.

Pour most of the oil and leave just enough for frying add garlic/ginger/shallots paste and stir fry it until it’s softens up.

At this stage add paprika, salt,tomato paste and stir it in. Add your tomatoes and stock. On a medium high heat cook the sauce till oil appears at the top.(it is the rule for all the curries), stir occasionally.

Finally cut the eggs in halfs and put them into the sauce with flat side down. Gently stir for a couple of minutes and it’s done. Garnish with fresh coriander.

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