Fettuccine with Chicken and Mushrooms in a White Wine Sauce!


When it comes to Pasta, i prefer it in a white sauce, although my youngest son likes red sauce. I would normally keep some pasta for him and mix it with a red sauce. The things we do for love….

Even though the method of cooking is uncomplicated, but the list of ingredients is a bit long.

I have experimented in a past with lots of different variations of this dish, and this one i like most.


Chicken breasts- 500 g

Fettuccine (or any other pasta)- 2 packets ( cooked as per instructions on a packet)

Mushrooms- 200 g, sliced.

Garlic- 3-5 cloves, sliced

Spring onions- small bunch, chopped

White wine- 250 ml

Fresh cream- 150 g

Chicken stock- 250 g

Plain flour- 2 tablespoons

Salt, pepper to taste

Dry Italian spices – 1 table spoon



Cut chicken in 2 cm cubes, salt pepper and spices. heat an oil in a pan and cook garlic for a minuet or so add chicken and cook till nice golden color.

Set aside.

In a same pan add more oil and mushrooms, cook till golden,add spring onions cook for a minuet more, set aside.

In a sauce pan heat cream, stock, wine and heat it trough, then mix a flour with a little water ( helps to avoid lumps) and add it to a sauce whilst whisking it. Cook till thickens to your desired consistency.

Add chicken and mushrooms to a sauce, stir for a couple of minuets.

At this stage i would normally add fettuccine and mix it in for a couple of minuets. As division of food is a bit of an issue in my family and i find that mixing it all together is better.

Serve with grated Parmesan.

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    1. That was a while ago, have that sorted now. And thank you so much for your beautiful words.:) Hope you will find more of interesting recipes.

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