Fish Soup with Salmon, Pink Snapper and Pearl Perch.

My third son Samson, always asks for this soup and even happy to help me cook it. The soup is quite time consuming and costly, but truly delicious. For the first soup you can use any small fish, but i recommend to use salmon and snapper for the final soup. Also quality of tomatoes is very important. do not use canned, taste will be compromised.

Fish fillets and tomatoes should be chopped in similar size pieces around 1*1 cm.


Cold water- 3 liters.

Head and a skeleton of snapper or other nice big fish.

Parsnip- 1 whole.

Carrot-1 whole.

Onion-1 whole.

Garlic- 3 cloves whole.

Small fish- i am using pearl perch,-4-5 pieces, gutted and scaled whole.

Snapper-1-2 medium fillet.

Salmon- 2 pieces, 10*10 cm chopped in little cubes. 1*1 cm.

Good quality tomatoes- 5 pieces, skin removed, chopped.

Potatoes-2 large chopped.

Chives, dill, parsley- 2 tablespoon each, chopped finely.

Black peppercorns- 10 pieces.

Bay leaf- 1-2 pieces.

Salt- 2 teaspoons or to taste.


In a large pot add head and  a skeleton with cold water to cover. When starts boiling, cook for 30 minuets after that.


Take the head and skeleton out.


Add all whole small fishes to the soup along with parsnip, carrot, onion and garlic.


Cook for 30 minuets from a boiling point.


Take everything out and strain the soup through the sieve or a muslin cloth .Wash the pot and return the soup back to the pot along with peppercorns bay leafs, salt and snapper fillets. Do not stir the soup, in order not to break the fillets. Cook for another 30 minuets.

Take snapper fillets out, discard bay leafs and if you wish peppercorns (i leave the peppercorns in).


Add skinless chopped tomatoes and chopped salmon.


Cook for 15 minuets, add all your herbs and chopped snapper. And it’s done. Enjoy with a nice slice of a toast, bread, bagel e.t.c.






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