French Toast with Blueberries.

I guess all of you know, how to make a french toast, but i thought , i will share with you the way i make , one of the easiest and tastiest dishes, that loved by all people of all ages.

Any white bread will work for this recipe, but baguette is the best.




Milk-2/3 cup

Brown Sugar-2 tablespoons

Cinnamon-1 tablespoon

Oil for frying

Bluberries- 150g


First of all i like to mix all ingredients (apart from oil and bread of course) in a blender. It will mix really well and will give the bubbles, that will look good on a toast… lol, also cinnamon is very hard to mix in by hand.

Cut baguette in medium slices 1.5 cm or so. 

Mix eggs, sugar, cinnamon and milk in a blender. Pour in a container.

Heat an oil in a pan.

Now dip few slices and let it soak for a couple of seconds on each side, shake it off and put on a pan. Cook till golden brown on each side. Do not overcrowd the pan. Make sure you stir the mixture, as cinnamon tends to go down. Set aside and serve with your favourite fruit.  I am serving mine with some icing sugar and blueberries. 


15 thoughts on “French Toast with Blueberries.

  1. I love French Toast! And I love making them with my brother as midnight snacks! We use Whole Wheat Raisin Bread instead of plain white bread and the result is just as sweet. 😀 Thanks for this, Alina. I shall try using a baguette to see if there is any difference.

    1. Haha, its a great midnight snack, raisin bread will also work. I think you can add more “embellishment” to a baguette, as its not sweet.:)

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