Hedgehog Salad!


Well presented salad, that will stand out at the table. Quite easy to make and requires few ingredients.


Chicken breast- 2 pieces, boiled and chopped in small pieces

Potatoes- 5 small/medium, boiled with a skin, peeled and grated.

Eggs- 6 boiled and finely chopped

Champignon mushrooms- 1 can, finely chopped, leave a few for a decoration.

Hard cheese- i have Parmesan-100 g, grated

Mayonnaise- 150 g

French fries (dried chips)- as necessary for decoration

Olives for decoration

Salad leaves for decoration.


Lay down some salad leaves on a big flat plate.

Put a first layer of grated potatoes in a shape of a hedgehog and smooth a mayo on top.

Then put layers as follows-mushrooms,chicken, cheese, eggs, all layers smoothed with mayo. The last layer- eggs will give a salad a bit more of “hedgehogy” look. If your ingredients are falling all over, just pick them up and with your hands and form a shape, just like working with a Plasticine.

Put the salad in a fridge for a couple of hours, so it sets.

Take it out and decorate with french fries as spikes, and use olives for eyes and a mouth and some mushrooms on top. The crispiness of the fries, will give a nice crunchy flavor, and the whole salad is divine, not to mention well presented.



20 thoughts on “Hedgehog Salad!

  1. What a great blog ! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog recently – I very much appreciate it. I just began following your wonderful blog, even though I’m already sooo far behind in keeping up with those a regularly follow… I love the fact that both you and I speak and write English… but with me being American and you being Australian… the vocabulary can be so different – its fun though!! Question. what are ‘Champignon’ mushrooms? Are they a brand of canned mushrooms? (As you probably already know, champignon means mushroom in French. I only know that ’cause I lived in French-speaking Quebec province two different times in my life!)

    1. Haha, so true, i just get them from a supermarket, and that is how they are called. It’s basically white mushrooms from a greenhouse. 🙂

      1. I’m always fascinated by how the same ‘thing’ can be called lots of other names… in other areas of the same country even. Of course, we’re not from the same country, so I find it doubly interesting!!

      2. It is true, same goes for recipes as well, different cultures call the same “thing” something else, and believe, that they came up with an idea first.)

      3. So very true Alina. We lived in Malta, in the middle of the Mediterranean, for eight years and things, such as Maltese Bread, I learned later on was simply a version of a type of Italian bread. Its all pretty interesting!

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