Hokkien noodles beef vegetable stir fry.

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It is a very common dish in my family.

The basic principals of the stir fry with noodles.

  1. Coat the meat, chicken e.t.c in cornflour before cooking.
  2. Stir fry veges and meats separately.
  3. Cook noodles separately.
  4. Assemble everything.
  5. Sauces maybe used: oyster sauce, fish sauce, kecap manis, soy sauce.
  6. Peanut oil with a dash of sesame oil recommended.

I always have all the sauces and oils in my pantry. It takes a bit to set yourself up, but then it will last you a very long time.

Stir fries are very easy to make and due to a short cooking time considered are healthy nutritional meals.

My favorite set of vegetables used – baby corn, carrots, snap peas, onion, bok choy I have this weird rule of keeping all colors of a street light (green, yellow, red). But you can use any veges, as long as you cut them in strips, julienne and so on.


Hokkien thick noodles- 800 g

Beef- 400 g (scotch fillet is the best)or any other good steak.

Carrot- 1 large,cut in julienne.

Bok Choy- 150 g

Baby corn- 1 pack (150 g)

Onion – 1 cut in half rings.

Beef stock or water- 500 ml

Corn flour- 1 table spoon.

Oyster sauce- 1 table spoon

Fish sauce- 1 table spoon

Soy sauce- 1 table spoon

Black pepper- pinch


Cut beef in thin strips (7 mm) and coat in cornflour with black pepper and  leave for 15 minuets.

Cut all veges in julienne and strips.

Heat oil in a wok, Add meat and stir fry for a 3 minuets or so.Set aside.

Add onion and stir fry for a couple of minuets, add all other veges you are using, Keep on stirring for 3 minuets or so, don’t overcook it, as you need them to be crunchy,set aside.

Add beef stock to the same wok, heat it up, add all your noodles with all the sauces and let it cook, till liquid has been evaporated, stir occasionally.

When all liquid evaporated add meat, veges, stir and it’s done.

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