Irio. Kenyan Cuisine.

As i mentioned earlier, i used to live in Kenya, and in lot’s of gatherings this dish was served. I really liked it, especially, the fact, that everyone cooks it differently. This dish originally comes from a Kikuyu tribe in Kenya, but the it’s popular all over the country.

And of course (as i can’t help it) i am presenting you, my interpretation, with basic traditions intact.

Three ingredients, that are in a dish are constant, potatoes, peas, corn. Variations could be fresh, frozen, dried. I am also adding fried onion and spices, as i love spices.


Potatoes- 2 kg, washed, peeled, cut in quarters.

Peas(frozen)- 200 g

Corn(frozen)-200 g

Onions- 2 medium, diced

Turmeric, black pepper, salt.

Oil, butter.


Boil potatoes, half way through cooking add peas and boil until soft.

In a separate pan boil corn till soft, drain, keep aside.

Heat an oil/butter (50/50) in a frying pan and add onions, cook till golden and caramelized, add turmeric, black pepper and stir for a minuet or so, keep aside.

Drain potatoes with peas, reserve liquid and mash, add salt, butter, and if necessary some of the liquid. But, please do not mash too much, it’s not mashed potatoes.

Add onions, mash some more, and stir in corn. And it’s done.



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