Kenyan Beef Stew.

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I lived in Kenya for 5 years, apart from learning Swahili, i learned how to make lot’s of Kenyan dishes.

Today my son requested Kenyan meal(he loves It), that is beef stew, sukuma wiki ,ugali  and kachumbari ,so i am making it.

This post is for beef stew, sukuma wiki will be in another post.

I would recommend using tougher types meat for this recipe.

This recipe is a bit “generous” as kenyan ladies use minimum of tomatoes, ginger and garlic.

The taste of Kenyan stew is very different to curries and all other meat/sauce type dishes. I actually really like it myself, the combination of beef/greens/ugali it’s quite extraordinary. Ok, let’s get to it.


Beef- 1 kg beef cut in to 2*2 cm cubes

Onion- 1 large diced

Tomatoes- 3 medium diced

Ginger- 2 inch, grated

Garlic- 5 cloves, grated

Curry powder- 1.5 table spoons

Tomato paste- 3 table spoons

Water- 3 cups


Salt, pepper to taste.

Fresh coriander for serving.


Boil meat with ginger, garlic and water i a pan for 30 minuets.

Heat the oil in a pan, add onions and cook till start getting browned, add tomatoes, stir, cook till tomatoes are soft. Add curry powder, salt pepper, stir, add tomato paste, stir.

Drain beef ( reserve the liquid) and add to onion/tomato mixture and stir for 2 minuets or so.

Add beef liquid back, cover and cook for 30 minuets.

Serve with fresh coriander on top,sukuma wiki and ugali.

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