Korean Beef Noodles.

Easy and intensely satisfying.

I find Korean Cuisine fascinating, apart from eating dogs, of course, otherwise it’s a beautiful cuisine.


Beef sirloin- 500g cut in strips

For the sauce:

Soy sauce- 4 tablespoons

Ginger- 1 inch grated

Garlic- 3 large cloves grated

Sesame oil- 2 tablespoons

Brown sugar-1 tablespoons

Red Korean paste-1 tablespoon, omit if you don’t have it.

Udon noodles-3 small packets *200g

Carrot-1 grated



Swiss brown mushrooms- 200 g sliced



Marinate beef in a marinade ingredients for 15 minutes.

Heat an oil in a wok, add beef, stir fry for 2-3 minutes, add mushrooms keep on stirring, add noodles, then carrots and salt. After 2 minutes of stirring it’s done.

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