Lamb Chops in Red Wine!


This is by far , one of my favorite dishes. A little expensive, and takes a while to cook, but totally worth it. Australia has fantastic lamb and great red wine, so you just have to make it.)))

The way i cook it, it’s just the way i cook it, doesn’t really belong to any cuisine. It’s my personal method.

I like to cook it to the point when meat falls off the bone, but if you prefer a bit harder version, just reduce the cooking time. I also use the whole bottle of good red wine, but you can use half wine, half stock or water.

I always serve it with mashed potatoes, as the combination is incredible, but it works well with rice or polenta as well.


Lamb chops- 18 pieces.

Onion-2 large, cut in half rings.

Tomato paste-2 tablespoon.

Red wine- 1 bottle. i have Shiraz

Cumin, coriander ground, smoked paprika -1 tesspoon each.


Salt, pepper.


Heat an oil in a large pan on a high.

Season with salt and pepper lamb chops and add them to the hot pan. Turn them over when browned. Set aside .Add onions to the same pan and cook ocassionally stirring , till golden brown.

Add tomato paste, stir, add spices stir for a minute.

At this stage, add 1 bottle of wine, return the chops to the pan , reduce the heat, cover and cook for an hour. Check your meat frequently and stir. When the liquid reduces to a half and your meat is falling off the bone, it’s done.

And please remember, you are not becoming greener, when you are eatimg greens, and you are not becoming fatter, when you are eating fats.


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