Lamb Fry/Liver with Caramelized Onions.

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This is a very simple dish, and in Australia It’s really affordable. I am feeding my family on a budget at the moment, and calculating the price for all the meals, that i cook. This meal cost me under 4 AUD, and it is delicious and nutritious, when you add a mashed potatoes to this dish and you got great combo. You can use any type of liver for this dish. And importantly liver is very high on Phosphorus, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Folic acid, Biotin and much more. Recently it became very popular, due to it’s recommendation in a Paleo Diet.


Lamb Fry- 700g

Onions- 3 pcs

Sugar- 1tbs

Balsamic vinegar- 2tbs

Oil- 3 tbs

Butter- 80g

Flour-  1/2 cup

Salt and pepper to your liking.


First of all, i will recommend to put a liver in a freezer for 30 minuets, it will make it much easier to cut.

Slice the onions in half rings. Heat half of the oil with half of the butter in a frying pan, add onions  and sugar then cook them covered till caramelized, approximately 15-20 minuets, add balsamic vinegar an heat till all liquid evaporated. Set aside.


Remove the liver from the freezer and cut into slices, around 5-7 mm thick. Coat each slice with a mixture of flour, salt and pepper, shake off the excess.


Heat the remaining oil and butter in frying pan. Fry each slice for a couple of minuets on each side, make little cuts during cooking so the blood can escape faster. Cook until juices run clear.


Serve with caramelized onions and mashed potatoes.

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