Lamb Shanks Slow Cooked in Spices.


Lamb shanks- 6 pieces.

For marinate:

Cumin seeds, fennel seeds, turmeric, black pepper, salt, garlic ground- 1 teaspoon each.

Olive oil- 2 tablespoons.

For the sauce:

Red onion- 1 chopped.

Brown onion- 1 chopped.

Garlic- 6 cloves, chopped.

Red chilli- 1 chopped.

Coconut cream- 1 can.


Grind all the marinate spices (without oil) together, add oil and grind again.

Rub the marinade mixture into each lamb shank. Let it marinade overnight.

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Heat an oil in a frying pan and cook each shank in batches, till sealed and browned. Transfer to a slow cooker bowl.

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Add the oil to the same frying pan and add all the rest of ingredients, apart from coconut cream. Cook till veggies are softened. Add coconut cream and cook for a new couple of minuets.

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Pour the sauce over the shanks, in the slow cooker and set it to 3 hours.


Save with couscous.)


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