Moshe’s Salad. Coz lettuce, cheese, eggs and raisins.

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This is the salad, that is the favorite of my son Moshe. Since i designed it, i called it like that.

I hosted a party one day, and cooked more than 10 salads, apart from other dishes, but this one, was finished first. I was very proud of my creation.

The saltiness of cheddar is balanced very well with sweetness of raisins.

Incredibly simple, affordable and vegetarian.


Cos lettuce: 1 small head

Eggs- 6 small

raisins-1/2 a cup

Cheddar cheese- 150 g cut in small cubes.

Mayonnaise- 3 table spoons

Pepper to taste.

Little salt as mayo and cheddar salty.


Wash lettuce and break to bite size pieces. Add to a salad container.

Boil eggs, peel and cut in quarters.

Soak raisins in a warm water for 5 minuets, not longer.

Cut cheddar cheese in small cubes.

Add cheese and raisins to a lettuce, mix mayo in and arrange eggs on top.

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