Potato Cheese Momos with a Sepen Sauce. Tibetan Cuisine.

I fell in love with these in Nepal, and as i am  vegetarian for a month, i need something filling and heartwarming. Momos normally served with a sepen sauce, that is perfect addition to them. I don’t find it too hot, i find is just right, but if you are inexperienced chili eater, it could be a challenge. The recipe for the sauce in my other post, as i believe it deserves a special recognition.

In Tibet momos are very popular with yak meat, in Nepal with buffalo, but you can find vegetarian options everywhere on a menu.

They take quite a lot of time to make, but truly satisfying and you wouldn’t regret all the work. I just had a plate, and i can tell you, i haven’t enjoyed meal so much for a while, feels like i am back on a holiday.:)

I haven’t got any Tibetan or Nepalese cutlery to serve them on, but i am using a Chinese plate, since Tibet belongs to China and nothing changing, that makes sense. I am not trying to be political, it’s just the fact.


For the dough:

Flour- 2 cups bakers flour.

Salt- 1/2 teaspoon.

Water- around 1 and 3/4 or as much as it takes.

For the filling:

Potatoes- 5 medium boiled.

Cheese- 70 g, grated (mozzarella is good).




First put potatoes to boil, and start making dough.

To a container with a flour and salt, start adding water and mix till becomes manageable.

Then knead the dough for 10 minuets, you will notice it will change in texture at the end of the kneading. Even though i have a thermomix and a bread maker, i find it very therapeutic to knead my own dough ( put a music on), and it is a great workout for your arms.

Cover it with a wet towel and set aside.

Your potatoes should be ready. Roughly crush them and let it cool.

When cooled add cheese and salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.

Dust a kitchen table with a flour , cut a piece of the dough and roll to a thin sheet. Cut circles with a cutter or a cup.

Fill each circle with a potato filling and form momos. You can see mine are far from perfect, the important part is make sure each is properly sealed.

Steam them in batches for 12-15 minuets. Serve immediately with a sepen sauce.

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