Rabbit in Sour Cream Sauce.

Gorgeous dish, works well with any sides rice, potatoes, polenta, quinoa or couscous. Doesn’t take much time to prepare and simply delicious.



Garlic-3 cloves finely grated.

Paprika-  1 tablespoon.

Salt- 1 tablespoon.

Olive oil – 2 tablespoons.
Rabbit-1 piece , cut in pieces.

Onions-2 cut in quarter rings.

Sour cream- 500ml.

Water-1 cup.

Herbs – dill, parsley, rosemary work well.

Oil for cooking.

Salt, pepper.


Heat an oil in a pan. 

Put a little salt and pepper on a rabbit pieces. Add it to a pan and cook till browned. Set aside.

To the same pan add a little oil and onions. 

Cook till scorched in places. Add herbs stir for a minute, add sour cream, water ,stir, add your rabbit pieces. 

At this stage cover , reduce the heat and cook till meat is tender. Should take around 30 minutes.

13 thoughts on “Rabbit in Sour Cream Sauce.

  1. When our sons were younger they had show rabbits and meat rabbits. I love rabbit cooked just about any way possible! This reminds me of a recipe I used back then and has inspired me to get a rabbit and make your recipe.

  2. We have so many rabbits around here, but I’ve never thought of cooking any. Might have to break out my rifle and give this recipe a try!

  3. Love, love, love rabbit – although it’s not easy to find where I live now. When we lived in Malta, rabbit dishes were in abundance… as were rabbit farms! ; o )

    1. Love rabbit so much xx, we also have an issue with them, i can normally get them only frozen and quite small in size, but still delicious πŸ™‚ <3

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