Rice Paper Rolls with Turkey and Prawns, Fried. Vietnamese Cuisine.

A different version from my other Rice Paper rolls, this ones are easier to eat, easier to make and kids love them more.


Rice paper rolls-

Minced turkey- 500-600 gr.( you can use pork or chicken).

Prawns fresh- 1 cup , peeled and finely chopped.

Rice noodles- 100 gr.

Spring onions- 2 pieces, chopped.

Carrot- 1 piece, can in thin matchsticks.

Eggs- 2 beaten.

Sugar- 1  teaspoon.

Salt, pepper.

Oil- 1liter.


Cook rice noodles  as per packet instructions and cut them in short lengths (5 cm).

Mix all ingredients together and fill rice paper.


See directions hereRice Paper Rolls with Chicken and Prawns. Vietnamese Cuisine. Make sure not to overfill, 2 teaspoons of mixture should be enough per roll.

Heat an oil, around 2-3 cups and deep fry rolls in batches. The rolls tend to stick to each other, so depending on the size of the pot used, cook in bunches of 2 or 3.  Cook till crispy, as they do not brown much. Set aside on a paper towel.


Serve with a sauce, link above.



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