Salad “Fish”.

This is just a basic fish salad, that i normally make, just decorated as a fish.


Carrots- 2 for the salad raw and 3 for decoration boiled.

Cabbage- 200 g, cut finely.

White fish- snapper- 250 g, boiled, cooled and broken in pieces.

Onion- 1 cut in quarter slices.


Salt, pepper.

Egg white, egg yolk (boiled) , olive and carrots for a decoration.


Boil fish fillets till turn white and cooked through. Break them in pieces.

Grate 2 carrots and mix with cabbage and onion. Add a little salt and squeeze the mixture with your hands, for a minuet or so.

Add the fish and mayo plus black pepper.

Start assembling according to the picture.

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