Salad “Tulips” aka Deviled Cherry Tomatoes!

It’s a great idea for a Valentine’s Day, to surprise your loved one.

Not much of a salad, really, more like an arrangement of deviled tomatoes.

The recipe, that i am using, i normally make deviled eggs with. I love deviled eggs and what i put inside is completely my own “decision”, i don’t know anyone, who makes them this way. But trust me everyone loves them and whoever tries Β it,cannot stop eating.πŸ˜€

I do not add any salt, as salami, mayo and cheese are all salty.


  1. Cherry tomatoes- 1 pack ,choose these, that look like mini roma tomatoes.

Eggs-3 boiled and grated.

Mayonnaise-1/3 of a cup.

Salami- 50 g, finely chopped.

Garlic-1 clove, finely grated.

Cheese- 50 g finely grated, vintage cheddar works well.

Spring onions for decoration.


Make a cross cut on each tomato and remove insights with a teaspoon.

Mix the rest of ingredients and stuff each tomato Β  with it.

Arrange on a large plate, like a tulip.


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