Salad “Watermelon Slice” with Chicken and Vegetables.

Beautiful and easy to make salad, but preferrebly should be eaten same day, as the water content in cucumbers is 96% and in tomatoes 94%. The salad will loose too many juices next day, but will still be tasty though.


Chicken breasts- 400-600 g/1-1.3 pounds. Boiled and chopped in pieces.

Hard cheese- 150 g/0.33 pounds, finely grated.

Eggs-3 hard boiled and grated or finely chopped.

Cucumbers Lebanese- 2 , grated.

Tomatoes- 2 large, finely chopped.

Mayonnaise- 1/2 cup or to taste.

Salt, pepper to taste.

Black olives-2-3 cut in pieces for decoration.


In a bowl mix chicken pieces with some salt, pepper and mayo. Place the chicken mixture on a plate in a half moon shape.


Next, place on top layer of eggs, also mixed with some mayo and followed by layer of cheese.

Then, place grated cucumbers on the outer layer and tomatoes on a inner layer, the best to form it with your hands. Decorate with olives as watermelon seeds.

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