Salmon with sun dried tomatoes and spinach in a white sauce.

I have just bought a huge whole salmon and going to post a few recipes for different salmon dishes.

This one is an absolute delight and worth trying, not difficult to make also.


Salmon fillets skin on-4

Baby spinach- 2 cups

Sun dried tomatoes- 1 cup, drained and chopped

Parmesan-1/2 cup

Garlic-5 cloves

Onion-1 chopped

Fresh cream- 1 1/2 cups

Chicken cube

1/2 cup hot water

Smoked paprika-1 teaspoon

Parsley for garnish.


Butter- 1/4 cup


Heat an oil in a pan. Fry salmon skin up, turn 3 min on each side. Set aside.

To the same pan add garlic, cook for 30 seconds, add onion, a pinch of salt and cook on a medium heat, till onion is scorched in places. Add smoked paprika, stir, add tomatoes with a chicken cube, stir in and add 1/2 cup hot water. Cook for 3-5 min.

Add spinach, when wilted, add cream, cook whilst stirring for 3 min, add Parmesan , reduce the heat and cook, till the sauce thickens and slightly reduced.

At this stage add salmon pieces, pour sauce over them and cook for 5 min.

Garnish with parsley and serve.

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