Satsivi! Georgian Cuisine!

I have had this dish in Georgia, many time and always cold, but never really cooked it. After asking all my Georgian friends, non-georgian friends and watching lots of videos, i have realised, that, despite, that ingredients kept the same, there are numerous ways to cook it.

For four days, my family only ate satzivi, as i was experimenting with many ways to cook it, and finally, i got the recipe, that i think is awesome.

Conveniently i brought all the necessary spices from my trip to Russia.

In georgia it served with Mamaliga, but Polenta works perfectly fine.

Important details.

This dish is definitely better next day, so i insist on you cooking it in advance.
Make sure, walnuts are ground to a very smooth consistency.
It’s easy to oversold it, be careful.
Satzivi, traditionally eaten cold, but i see no harm in eating it hot. (some find it better hot).
Spices are very important, if you want to achieve an authentic taste.
A lot of Georgians use boiled chicken, my friends unambiguously said grilled or fried and i agree with them.
I make this dish boneless, but bones can be kept on, if prferred.
Skin is completely unnecessary as it gets soggy even if it was crispy initially, so i remove it.

Chicken- 1 whole, preferably 2kg and fatty. (reserve the fat).

Walnuts- 450-500g

Cilantro- 1 small bunch, reserve some for garnish.

Garlic- 6-8 small cloves.

White Onion- 1 very finely chopped.

Chicken stock- 2 ltr (you may not use it all)

Khmeli Suneli spice- 2-3 teaspoons.

Safron from Imereti- 1 teaspoon.

Coriander ground- 1 teaspoon.

Red wine vinegar- 2-3 teaspoons, according to taste.

Black pepper- 1 teaspoon.

Salt- to taste.


Rub a chicken with salt, pepper and oil mixture. bake in a preheated oven at 200C for 15 min. then reduce the temp to a 180C and cook for a further 30 min. Let it cool.

In a processor, mixer, thermomix or whatever you have got to blend all the walnuts with a garlic to a smooth consistency. You may have to scrape the sides and blend again.


Add cilantro and grind again. At this stage you can squeeze the oil out of mixture, to add to your dish later.

Heat a chicken fat on a pan and add your onion. Cook till nice and translucent, but not burned. Add Some chicken stock, just a tablespoon and cook till done.



Prepare a pot, add all the walnut mixture, onion mixture, all your spices and slowly start adding heated up chicken stock, ladle by ladle till you get to a creamy consistency.


Put the pot with this mixture on the fire whilst constantly stirring, just before it gets to a boiling point add vinegar, stir and immediately remove from the fire.

Now remove the skin and bones from the chicken, cut it to a medium sized pieces and pour your sauce over it. Make sure, you gently stir, so that all the chicken pieces are coated with the sauce.


Garnish with cilantro and drizzle the oil ,that you squeezed out of walnuts (if any).



Refrigerate overnight and enjoy with polenta, rice or potatoes.

Sauce will thicken, after staying in the fridge, you may wish to add some stock or water, when reheating it.

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