Scotch Eggs


Minced beef-500g


Garlic-5 cloves minced

Garlic ground-1 teaspoon

Onion ground- 1 teaspoon


Oil for frying- 1.5 litres

Eggs-2 bitten

Bread crumbs- as necessary


Boil 6 eggs. Cool. Peel. Set aside.

Mix beef with garlic, salt, pepper and egg. Keep covered in a fridge for an hour, so beef will get infused with all the flavors.

Heat an oil in a large pot.

Prepare one plate with a bitten egg and one plate with breadcrumbs.

Devide the beef mixture in to 6 pieces. Take a piece and roll into a patty on your hand, insert the egg, seal all the edges.

Roll a scotch egg in an egg mixture first, then in a breadcrumbs mixture.

Repeat the process.

When the oil is very hot, cook the scotch egg, three at a time. Don’t overcrowd the pot. When the color is nice and deep brown, the eggs are done.