Soup with different types of meat.

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This is one of my favorite soups, but it’s not cheap and it’s not easy and requires big list of ingredients, but if you decide to make it, you will not regret it. Nothing else taste like this soup, the flavors are very unique and memorable.

My beautiful British bulldog Goldie, was waiting for bones from the soup šŸ™‚

By the way uploading pictures was a nightmare, my son who lives in Bali has 10 times faster internet that me, who lives in a first world country, go figure.


Beef on a bone-800 g

Smoked ribs- 500g

Gherkins- 200 g (10 small pieces)

Water- 3 ltrs

Ham, salami, sausage, roast beef- 100 g of each

Onion- 1 piece, sliced in half rings ( as thin as you can cut it).

Olives- 150 g, cut in half.

Capers- 1 table spoon

Butter- 50 g

Tomato paste- 2 table spoons.

Sour cream, parsley and slice of lemon for serving.


Boil meat on a bone Ā and smoked ribs , in 2.5-3 ltrs of water with peeled whole onion for 2 hours.

Add black peppercorns, bay leaves and salt and pepper 30 after 1.5 hour of boiling.

Cut gherkins in thin strips , heat a pan add some liquid from a stock and simmer with gherkins for 10 min, you need the to soften themĀ  up, so keep adding the liquid till they are done all liquid is absorbed, set aside.

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Ham, salami and roast beef, sausageĀ  cut in 5 mm Ā slices ( i get my cold meats from a deli section, then i pile them on top of each other and cut with scissors) separate and fry slightly for a few min, set aside.

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Cut onion in half rings, fry in butter, till golden, add Ā tomato paste and stir for a few min. Set aside.

After 2 hours, strain the liquid, cut meat in thin strips, i do it with my fingers, as after such a long cooking meat of the ribs and beef of the bone falls off easily. Put stock back on fire.

Add onion, all meats, olives , capers . cook for 15 minuets.

Cover it and let it sit for another 15 minuets. If you feel like the soup is too thick at this stage, add some water.

Then cover, switch off heat and let it stay for 15 more minuets and it’s ready. serve with sour cream, parsley and slice of lemon.

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  1. Interesting recipe! Thinned out a bit this sounds like it would taste great over cooked rice or noodles! Thanks for sharing šŸ˜€

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