Spaghetti Bolognese

This is the recipe, that i developed towards the years of cooking this dish. I prefer using lamb for this dish, as i advise my kids not to use cow milk and cheese with a beef. What do they say? “never wash a baby in mother’s milk”. This is a favorite dish of my  youngest son and he is very critical, so it took me a long time to get his approved version. As i have 4 sons (one moved out recently) , i always mix the Bolognese sauce and pasta in the same pot. The boys never apply the correct amount of sauce and pasta on their plates, so i found this way is much more economical. It is an affordable meal and could be easily made on a budget. I used linguine instead of spaghetti this time.


Minced beef or lamb- 500g

Onions- 2 finely diced

Garlic-2-3 cloves

Italian herbs-fresh or dry

Tomato paste- 2 tbs

Canned tomatoes- 1 can

Carrots-2 pcs

Celery- 2 sticks

Salt, pepper


Spaghetti or any other pasta- 1 packet


Heat the oil in the pot and add diced onions, cook till soft, add finely cut garlic and cook for a couple of minuets. While all this is cooking, put carrots and celery in a blender and chop them to a medium/ fine pieces. Add carrot/celery mixture to a pot and cook for 5-7 minuets, stirring frequently. You can add dry spices at this stage, if using fresh spices add them a bit later. Now add 2 spoons of tomato past and incorporate with all veges really well. Stir in canned tomatoes, add stock or boiled water, cover and let it cook for 5 or so minuets. Now it’s time to add meat, break the mince with your fingers and mix it in with the sauce. Try to break it further with a spatula, i find that lamb breaks really easy, when beef sticks together. Ass salt and pepper, and at this stage i add fresh spices (sage, marjoram and thyme) i make a bouquet, tie it with a piece of string and throw it in. I grow these spices in my garden as they are my favorite. Now it’s stirring and waiting time, i normally cook the sauce for at least 1.5 hours, till oil comes on the surface and the mixture lost a lot of water. Keep it cooking.This is how it looks.

Cook pasta 2 minuets less, than it says on a packet, drain the pasta and add it to a pot with the sauce. Mix it well and it’s done. This particular pot, was a one meal for 4 people.


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