Strawberry Jelly Dessert.


After another successful foraging, i ended up with 6 kilos of strawberries, this time.

After starting with a Daiquiri, i have decided to make a jelly, as per my kids request.


Strawberries- 700 g

Water- 700 g

Gelatin- 2 table spoons dissolved in a 2/3 cup of water.


Behead the strawberries, and cut them in two or four pieces, depending on the size.

In a medium pot, combine sugar, strawbs and water, and heat it up to a boiling point, then reduce the fire and continue cooking for about 20 minuets.

Whilst it’s cooking, dissolve gelatin in a water and let it sit .

Then put it through the blender and sieve the mixture. Put it back in a pot (make sure it was cleaned) add gelatin, heat it up briefly, while mixing for about a minuet, just till all gelatin is dissolved. Pour it to containers/glasses,that it suitable for one person’s dessert and let it sit in a fridge for a couple of hours.

You can eat it straight from a container or serve it upside down on a plate.

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