Strawberry Pancakes!

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Me and my son, went to pick strawberries over the weekend, and i ended up with 5 kilos, so i am making a lot of desserts with strawberries at the moment.


Milk – 2 cups (warmed up)

Yeast- 1 sachet

Flour- 3 cups

Strawberries- 300 g( crushed in a blender)

Eggs- 3 medium

Sugar- 1/ cup

Pinch of salt

Oil for frying

Icing sugar for dusting.


Mix warmed milk with yeast and flour, cover it tightly and let it stay for 30 minuets. The mixture should really rise, so allow space in a container for it.

Add all other ingredients, and let it stay tightly close for another 15 minuets.

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Heat oil in a pan. reduce the fire to a medium and fry the pancakes in batches. During frying, recommended to cover the pan with a lid for a minuet or so, that will help pancakes to rise higher.

Take it out on a plate and dust with an icing sugar.

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      1. Lucky you to live in a place where the weather allows you such wonderful opportunities to pick all year around. We only have a few strawberries left…that said, I am waiting for the apples to ripen. Next up, in our Irish home, apple season!

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