Teriyaki Chicken!

Original recipe i got from a book “Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat”,the home version of the classic dish, but it was for Teriyaki fish, so i adjusted it, as usual.

Once you buy all the sauces, they last for quite a while.

I like to serve it with vegetable tempura and sushi rice.


Chicken- 500 g cut in bite size pieces (thighs are the best, but breast will do)

Oil- rapeseed or peanut.

For the marinade:

Sake- 2 tablespoons

Soy sauce- 4 table spoons.

Teriyaki sauce:

Mirin- 50 ml

Soy sauce- 4 tablespoons

Sugar ( brown)- 2 teaspoons


Mix chicken with marinade ingredients and let it sit for 20-30 minuets ( if short in time 15 minuets is fine).

Meantime, mix all the Teriyaki ingredients, till sugar is fully dissolved.

Dry chicken pieces with a paper towel.

Heat an oil in a frying pan, cook chicken in small batches, till sealed.

Clean the frying pan, add teriyaki sauce and on medium heat, simmer sauce for a minuet.

Return the chicken to the pan with all the juices , cover and cook till chicken is cooked through. It will bubble under the lid, you may need to reduce heat a bit more. Serve with Sushi rice.



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