Vitamin Fiber Salad. Balanced Vegetarian Salad.

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It is a perfect salad for your detoxing, vegetarian days. I was brought up by vegetarian mother and was vegetarian myself for over 5 years, but returned to eating meat. I do have a month or two a year, when i don’t eat any meat at all.

This is a balanced salad, that has proteins, probiotics, vitamins, minerals and lot’s of fiber.

I normally make a big batch, keep it in the fridge and put a bowl for myself, when i want to.


Beetroot- 3 medium

Potatoes- 3 large

Carrots- 3 large

Dry beans- 1 cup (kidney or any other beans, that you like)

Cucumber- 3-4 medium peeled and chopped finely.

Onion- 1 diced

Sauerkraut- 1 cup

Peas- frozen or fresh 1/2 a cup

Olive oil



Boil your beans in a large container till soft, set aside. (It is recommended to soak the beans the overnight)

Cool down and set aside.

Boil beetroots, carrot and potatoes with a skin on in a large pot. To check if they are done, pierce the veges with a knife, if it goes through easily, take it out. Carrots will be ready first, then potatoes followed by beetroots.

The easiest way to peel boiled beetroots it’s to hold hot beetroot under running water and push the skin away with your fingers, it will slide easily in seconds.

Remove the skin from all veges.

Let it cool down completely.

Prepare a large salad container.

Add chopped onions, chopped and peeled cucumbers, set aside.

Boil peas in a small pot, till soft, 10-minuets.Add to a salad bowl.

Try to cut all the ingredients in a similar size pieces.

Chop potatoes, carrots, beetroots and add to a salad bowl

Sauerkraut has very long pieces, it’s better to roughly cut them then add to the salad.

Now mix all the ingredients, add olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.

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