Warm Chicken salad with lots of veges and Goat’s Feta Cheese.

This is my favourite summer dish, when I want something healthy and satisfying.

The way I cook chicken, depends on my mood, you can substitute it with meat, fish or seafood.

This recipe is for 3 individual salads for 3 people.


Chicken breasts- 500 g( enough for 3 individual salads) cut in strips.

  • For marinade:

Soy sauce- 2-3 tablespoons

Sweet chillie sauce- 2 tablespoons

Smoked paprika- 1 teaspoon


For salad:

Lettuce- 1 head

Avocado- 1 ย chopped

Tomatoes- 3 chopped

Cucumber 1-2 chopped

Goat’s feta- to your liking

Garlic- 2 cloves sliced

Olive oil

Lemon juice


Marinate chicken strips in a marinade ingredients for 15 minutes.

Set up 3 plates.

Start assembling the salad.

First lay down shredded lettuce.

Then add in layers, tomatoes cucumbers and avocado with garlic. Sprinkle with lemon juice each plate.

Heat an oil in a pan and cook your chicken with marinade until marinade evaporated.

Add feta cheese on each plate.

Add warm chicken, a bit of an olive oil on top and serve immediately.

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