White Beans, Dumplings and Smoked Ribs Soup

It’s so cold and rainy in Perth at the moment, cuddle with a hot bowl of soup, sounds like a good idea.

I love the combination of flavours in the soup, rich and very satisfying.


Smoked bones/ribs- 1kg/2.2 pounds

Water-3 lt/100 oz

White beans- 2 cups (soaked overnight).

Onion- 1 chopped.

Sausage- hot smoked -i am using Chorizo- 1 piece, cut in half moons.

Capsicum- 1 sliced.

Carrot- 1 sliced.

Tomato paste- 2 tablespoons.

Garlic- 2 cloves, sliced.

Dill- 1 bunch.

Red chilli- 1 seeded, sliced.

For dumplings:

Flour- 1 cup.

Egg- 1.

Little water, if necessary.


Boil smoked in water for an hour, add soaked and washed beans. Continue cooking till beans are almost done.

Mix egg flour and water to a dough. Knead it for a few minuets and put in a fridge, wrapped in a cling paper for 30 minuets.

Roll the dough in a sausage shape and cut into buttons, dust each button in a flour.

Boil water in a pot, with some salt and oil, add dumplings and cook till float on a surface, drain on a colander.

In a frying pan heat some oil, add onions, cook till softened add carrot and capsicum, followed by sausage and garlic. Cook for another minuet and add tomato paste, incorporate it into mixture thoroughly.

Remove all the bones out of the soup and strip the meat out of them, return in back to the soup along with a vegetable mixture and dumplings.Cook for a further 10 minuets at the very end add dill and chilli.




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